2010 recruiting class. What happened?

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September 24, 2012 at 11:07 am

I was just looking back and realized this has to be one of the most maligned classes in recent memory. on paper it was a halfway decent class by OSU standards, coming in at #14 but out of the 20 members, only 12 remain, and of that twelve only half of them are decent/good: Norwell, Hankins, Bryant, Roby. those four I wouldn't trade for anybody in the country. The next tier is occupied by the likes of Rod Smith, Cory "Philly" Brown, J.T. Moore, Verlon Reed, all players that are 'seviceable' at best. Add in two kickers and a Griff and you have a very, very average class which is why Tressel's teams kind of fell off the last several years and he was so desparate to bring in a T.P.  Now, on to the players who fell through the cracks: James Louis WR, Scott McVey LB, Tyrone Williams WR, David Durham LB, Darryl Baldwin DL, Chad Hagan S, Jamel Turner DE, Taylor Graham QB. Here is a complete list of that stroll down memory lane:

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