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Curtis Samuel As A Percy Harvin Clone

I know its against etiquette in these parts and a lot of people will be pissed at the comparison but I believe there's a good possibility Curtis Samuel, in his true sophomore year will be as good or better than Percy at the H-back position in college.  We can all admit that Harvin was the be...
08 Apr 2015
by cinserious

Is The B1G Poised To Challenge For Top Conference?

As we all know, college football is cyclical. Historically and today the most storied powerhouses of the game have their ups and downs, i.e. Ohio State, Nebraska, Alabama, Michigan, ND, (cry)ami, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, etc. Nobody is immune to a dry spell or even a decade of relative mediocrity. In t...
26 Dec 2014
by cinserious

B1G Divisional Alignment 2014

Ok, ever since the Big Ten Conference announced it's new divisions back in April of 2013, I've been confused, misinformed, intrigued, and uninterested all at the same time. We all knew what a flop (B1G commish) Jim Delaney's  'Legends and Leaders' divisions were going t...
13 Jan 2014
by cinserious

The Dontre Wilson Impact

'The Chase' leading up to National Signing Day 2013 was a very exciting one for Buckeye Nation. Urban Meyer's first full recruiting class, a full compliment of schollies, an undefeated season, and many of the country's top recruits on OSU's board. Many recruitniks&...
19 May 2013
by cinserious

Joey Bosa = perfect OOS recruit!

In the short time Urban Meyer has been head coach of The Ohio State University, his first full recruiting class ('13) has been one for the ages. From the get-go, it started out with high level nationally ranked players from Ohio (Marshall, Burrows); followed by high level OOS players i...
17 May 2013
by cinserious

SEC's Downfall Coming Soon!

 The SEC recruiting landscape is changing right before our eyes! Its been well documented that college football is cyclical and as of the last decade or so, we all know what conference has been at the top of it. Right  now we are on the verge of a new college football cycle&...
24 Jan 2013
by cinserious

'13 or '14? Best Chance For a NC

I've been wondering this for the last few days. Obviously this upcoming season we will have the nastiest, most explosive offense in the country but we loose so much on defense (esp. D-line and LB). Much of the defense's talent is unproven. Will X-Brax 360 and slew of returning offensive tale...
14 Jan 2013
by cinserious

2010 recruiting class. What happened?

I was just looking back and realized this has to be one of the most maligned classes in recent memory. on paper it was a halfway decent class by OSU standards, coming in at #14 but out of the 20 members, only 12 remain, and of that twelve only half of them are decent/good: Norwell, Hankins, Bryant, ...
24 Sep 2012
by cinserious