Not a rivalry

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September 9, 2010 at 1:58 pm


Throughout the offseason and even more this week we are reading & hearing all about the so called rivalry and intensity between OSU and Miami.  Did I miss something or is this just pure media hype?  I know, rhetorical question...

Truth be told, the national championship game of 2002 was one of the greatest college games in history.  Beyond that, there was a lot of symbolism in the game.  You remember is was the hard nosed, straight edged Midwestern teams verse the flashy show time team.  Not only that but the Tressel era was just beginning to return OSU to yearly prominence and Miami was falling off at the end of a long run of football dominance.

All of that said, there is no way this game is a rivalry.  A good measuring stick, perhaps, a solid game, most likely, but certainly nota rivalry.


Oh yes and I just was just informed today the Miami invented swagger!...who knew?!

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