Great start for our Buckeyes and solid start for the Big Ten as a whole

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September 7, 2010 at 10:35 am

Great start for our Buckeyes and solid start for the Big Ten as a whole:

Sorry for the delay folks - out of town from Friday through the weekend.  The good news is we were secure in a convincing victory by Thursday bed time.  So Buckeye fans could watch the weekend with impunity.  Without further delay (and a little late), let's get to our newest weekly section - "College Weekend Quick Hits".


"Quick Hits"

- Great convincing win for the Buckeyes, who showed a variety of exciting formations on offense, even in a pre-Miami week.

- The OT pass intereference call was not the sole play in the National Champ game vs Miami.  Remeber, Clarett stripping back the ball?  Krenzel's poise?  Mcgahee's knee?

- Did you check out the first run out of Nike's new uni's.  I think the Buckeyes got pretty lucky with theirs, especially after seeing Virginia Tech's "Tron throwbacks" and Boise State's big A$$ horse head helmets.  That was a lot of scales on TCU!

- michigan looks as if they found a QB.  Interesting to see the former qb on the sidelines.  As hard as it is, OSU fans should root for Michigan to return to at least respectability.  I know, very hard.

- Huge college footbal weekend coming up.  Buckes vs c'ains, 'Bama and PSU, mich vs ND, along with a ton of other great matchups! 

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