GameDay, Divisions and Uni's

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September 2, 2010 at 10:48 am

Finally Game Day is upon us.  Feels good to drive to work and see the kids at the bus stop sporting the Buckeye jerseys.  Cincy Kid junior sported the red #2 to his school today.

OK let's get down to business.  First the divisions; I honestly am OK with them.  The game stays intact at the final weekend of the season.  I think they are relatively fair as far as competitive balance goes.  You're never going to have a perfectly fair season with locked cross-rivalry games, but it was never perfectly fair before.  As far as playing in back to back week goes, that possibility is there, but that requires OSU/Mich to win their divisions each and every year.  I'll take that risk.


Uni's - OK have you checked out the uni's the Bucks will wear for the Mich game this season?  Interesting looks; A few thoughts on that...

Check out the 1942 Jerseys

- First take a moment to appreciate the fact that OSU is included in this.  We are part of some very good company in participating in this Nike deal.  (Alabama, Miami, Pitt, Boise, etc.).

- Very cool to honor the 1942 team military connection.

- Uni's are very cool, helmet...not so much.  The pants and solid state jersey are acceptable (like the red block "O" on the pants).  That said the helmet should match the pants, not red to match the shirt.  I know uni's don't matter, but change that helmet to the grey.


Game day #1 - Let's go Bucks!