I need some help from BuckeyeNation!

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November 6, 2013 at 11:16 am

Over the past year I have been arguing with a family member.  He stated that he would rather have Brady Hoke over Urban Meyer any day of the week specifically based on how good Hoke recruits.  I told him that Hoke does recruit fairly well but that a lot of his 4 or 5 star recruits come on the offensive line and that you can only use 5 of those at a time, I also told him that the TTUN Coaching staff has not done a good job in developing players.  After their loss this weekend to MSU I asked him how Hokes recruiting has treated them and he responded with "majority of the players playing right now are Rich Rods players and are a disgrace."  My first response was that Hoke won 11 games his first year solely because of Rich Rods recruits and my second response is what I need help on.  He was never able to answer this question and I want to see if you guys agree with me or not.  I said if Rich Rods players are so bad and Hokes recruits are so good, then wouldn't most of Hokes "stud" recruits be playing over Rich Rods players?  I also pointed out that Meyer has 8 recruits that make an impact on a 21-0 team, whereas Hoke has maybe 6 on an awful TTUN team.  What is everyones opinion?

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