Underachievers? Disappointment? Both? Neither?

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March 26, 2011 at 10:00 am

So, I've caught a little bit of feedback for labeling this team an "underachieving disappointment" in the game recap.

I feel I tried to clarify how I feel about this team and I truly don't feel the comment was an emotional knee-jerk response as I tried to summarize the game that ended hopes of a national title. Clearly, I'm aware of what this team accomplished by winning the regular and postseason conference titles. In no way am I trying to diminish the accomplishments of this team. I have stated on a few occassions that they are my favorite collection of players in hoops ever since I started following the Buckeyes. I'm 37.

For me, I guess maybe I get too caught up in the end result of sport. I stand behind my comment, though it was beyond without malice, because I felt early in the year this team was capable of winning it all. Then as the season unfolded, it became clear they were the best team in the land. Finally, they were awarded the #1 overall seed by the committee and nobody in America questioned that distinction.

So, the question is, considering what the team accomplished versus what they didn't - failing to get out of the Sweet 16 as the #1 overall seed - do you feel this team underachieved? Do you feel the end result was a disappointment? Do you think both? Do you think neither?

Why do you feel the way you do? I'm extremely curious to see what some well thought out responses to this look like.

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