The Blanket?...My Dog ate it

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September 5, 2013 at 6:27 am

Hello to everyone here at Eleven Warriors.  First, I would like to say that this site is aweso_e!  I could go on but I digress.  Second, this is _y first blog post and I hu_bly accept any tips and or criticis_s.  Third, I _ay not be able to portray this hu_orous story in quite the way our fellow writer Ra_zy could, but I will do _y best to at least leave you with a expletive eating grin. 
_y best friend Justin and I have known one another since we were 5.  We went to the sa_e school, sa_e church, and had so_e unforgettable ti_es together.  Whether it was _aking tents with sleeping blankets or playing basketball as _ichael Jordan and Scottie Pippen (I was always Jordan of course) we were inseparable.  As we grew older college football became _ore relevant in our lives.  _e, the fan of the great Ohio State Buckeyes.  He, the fan of the evil tea_ up north.  Every year for about 10 years his fa_ily and _ine had the annual cookout for The Ga_e.  For the longest ti_e I never understood why he would be the fan of such a tea_.  I later assu_ed it is because his father was.  It is unfortunate, but so_ething I came to grips with after a few years of therapy during the John Cooper era.  
A year after graduating high school we both joined the United States Air Force.  I was off to Nevada and hi_ to New Jersey.  We stay in contact as _uch as possible.  When college football starts well, it all depends on how our team did that weekend.  God forbid one of us call the other if our tea_ lost.  Fro_ 2006-2007 I was based in South Korea.  All was well until the BCSCG.  I will not go into details, but we both were able to get so_e intense s_ack talk in that year.  
If you are fa_iliar with South Korea (_ilitary or veteran) then you know they have blankets that you can have custo_ _ade.  These blankets are quite the bargain too.  For so_e reason I decided to oblige _y best friend, and yet hated rival, by buying hi_ a custo_ _ade TTUN blanket.  I told hi_ that I would ship it to hi_ when I ca_e back to the states.  Well, as ti_e passed I had realized I never shipped hi_ the blanket.  Coincidentally, he had never asked for it either.  By this ti_e we were both _arried with kids and a fa_ily dog.  I had just bought a new doghouse and needed a blanket for her (Sienna) to sleep on.  Well, wouldn't you know it I came across the TTUN blanket in the garage.  Sienna see_ed to like it, in part to _y dis_ay, but she was co_fortable. The next day I got a call fro_ Justin.  "Hey _an, I was just wondering if you still had that TTUN blanket you got for _e fro_ Korea.  I co_pletely forgot about it!"  I proceeded to tell hi_ that my dog was using it as a bed.  In a barrage of words i will not soon repeat he expressed to _e his anger.  He finally cal_ed down and I told hi_ I would wash it and send it to hi_.  It was after all, in it's own way, infecting _y poor Sienna and probably giving her bad drea_s of wolverines chasing her about.  In this instance I was doing everyone a favor.  The next _orning I awoke to take Sienna outside.  She rushed out of her doghouse like normal ready to play.  But so_ething was different about her that _orning and I couldn't put _y finger on it.  Later that day I was about to put Sienna back into her doghouse when I noticed so_ething odd yet pleasant.  The TTUN logo, which was quite large i _ight add, was gone.  It was ripped off and nowhere to be found.  It was then I realized what had happened.  Sienna had eaten it.  She was known for eating pretty _uch anything she could get her jaws on, but this was shocking even to _e.  It was confir_ed through the vet. A few days later Justin called _e again asking about the blanket.  Naturally I boasted about the fact that _y dog had eaten the logo and left a big gaping whole in the _iddle of it.  "I don't believe you!", he said.  I tried frivolously to explain it to hi_, but it was no use.  To this day he believes I had never bought the blanket at all.  "The dog ate it huh?", he always says.  No, the dog devoured the enemy and $hit the_ out!  Go Buckeyes!!!  O-H!!!
_eechigan Still SUCKS!!!

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