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October 25, 2013 at 11:03 am

I am laying forth an action plan to all Buckeye fans everywhere, all over the universe, to STOP READING, POSTING, CLICKING, WATCHING, TALKING SHIT TO FOLKS ON TWITTER AND/OR OTHERWISE REACTING TO NEGATIVE MEDIA REGARDING THE BUCKEYES for the entire month of November!  Feel free to peruse the ESPN's, Yahoo's, Bleacher Report's, whomever and scan the headlines for Buckeye content but do not be tempted, do not allow yourself to be spoon fed the garbage and lazy narrative to get these bozos inflated page clicks.  Conversely, if you hear of a positive Buckeye article please send it to everyone you know and click on it a as many times as possible from as many unique IP addresses as possible.  We need to change the tide and get the sporting world back on the correct axis.
If Mark May (for example) says something ridiculous about the Buckeyes on twitter or tv, please do not respond.  Do not cave.  Do not come on here and mention their names or add them to google caches.  We are making it worse on ourselves and it's growing exponentially.  We need to strike them all with radio silence, loss of viewership/readership, etc...we need to stop inflating their numbers.  We need to right the ship and support the positive.
I am in no way supporting or saying there are conspiracies or anyone is out to get us...but it is clear that "writers" and talking heads know if they poke the bear, they will get inflated views/clicks.  JUST STOP FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER.  It's crunch time in college football.  No matter what we say or do, it will not change our title aspirations for this year.  What we can do is show the national media that their lazy tricks will not work anymore and the largest fan base in the land will only consume positive spins.  This negativity and lashing out against the Buckeyes is similar to a giant inflated stock buble primed to crash.  Stop taking the bait so we can allow it to crash.  No more of these mindless bashers just turning in lazy articles and then it becomes their most viewed/talked about/linked.  I am also not saying to ignore contrarian views or well thought out pieces on Buckeye flaws...just asking we stop taking the bait on the tired narrative and thoughtless articles that simply say outrages things against us for inflated eyeballs.
Consider this the bat signal to the entirety of Buckeye Nation.  Please pass on the message to all you loved ones, all forums you are on/read, to every single Buckeye you care about.  I think it's high time we stop raising the blood pressure and spend the entire month of November enjoying this beautiful amazing Buckeye run...and celebrate with booze, high fives, pork, fireworks, whatever makes you happy.

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