We'll Be Just Fine

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October 18, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Buckeye fans,
This may be completely redundant, but let's think about the good here. Last night we lost a battle to PSU for Mike Gesiciki's services for the class of 2014. Let me be clear, when we play PSU in 8 days... Mike might be a potential Nittany Lion, but he will see the real pride of the Big Ten when we demolish them. So we lost that battle, but let's repeat what needs to be said. Urban Meyer will never let us down. I look at the 18 commits so far and I love the #2 ranking we hold on 247sports.com. I also LOVE the fact that we still have a shot at landing incredible prospects! Whether it be Raekwon McMillian, Chad Mavety, Thomas Holley, Marshon Lattimore, and Erick Smith... which I believe we land ALL 5 studs! You can disagree if you please, but I see us getting all 5 of these guys making an strong run for the #1 class in the nation...Yes I know, were like #9 according to ESPN, but face it.. ESPN is about as accurate as having Condoleeza Rice on the College Football Playoff committee next year. (Sorry ladies).. anyways, let's please take a moment to reflect on the good and what is coming up! I love the visit list we have for the remaining home games and I think this strong class will help to propel us for the 2015 class! Please respond with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas as to how this 2014 class finishes! Feel free to mention names that also are on the board of interest such as John JuJu Smith, Trevion Thompson, Johnnie Dixon, Mike Rogers, Jamal Adams, etc.... Thanks guys! About 27 hours left until we continue with win number 19!  
Take care my fellow buckeyes!

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