Trevion Thompson 4 star WR

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October 17, 2013 at 11:04 am

Hey Buckeye fans,
Just wanted to share yet another recruiting thread, but this time talk about someone who may becoming a popular target as of late for the good guys in scarlet and gray. As we all know, our offense and Urban need highly skilled receivers in order to function at the level we desire. We were once the "clown show", but as of late are competing at a much higher level with Smith, Spencer, Brown, Wilson, etc. I am impressed so far with last and this years recruitment of receivers. I really like seeing our numbers expand with the like of Johnson, Brown, etc this season, but I am interested in what you all think of Trevion Thompson and his recruitment as of late?! I was on twitter and came across this...
"jbook™ ‏@jbook37 1h
After Bucknuts Bill Kurelic news on 4 star WR Trevion Thompson I'm convinced OSU will take another WR in this class. Thompson, Malone, Dixon"
"jbook™ ‏@jbook37 1h
Per Bill Kurelic 4 star WR Trevion Thompson will be making a 3rd and 4th visit to Ohio State. Watch what they do!"
Both of these quotes caught my attention immediately as Trevious is a 4 star receiver out of North Carolina. His ratings on the very biased ESPN site have him in the top 300 prospects and he ranks 147th. He is the 11th best receiver and as far as I'm concerned, I like what is starting to trend. What sparked the attention was a 3rd AND 4th visit! Basically, I am writing to all of you to see if anyone has heard any news or any possibilities that the Buckeyes are now the favorite for Trevion Thompson? Please share with me any news and thoughts. I know the recruitment of John JuJu Smith is starting to get hot, but now Trevion... this gets me excited as you can never have too many weapons on the field. I trust what Meyer is doing obviously, but this Trevion news got me wondering if we are the possible destiniation for his services. Thanks guys! Please feel free to respond and share your news, ideas, and thoughts! Take care and go bucks!
Let's get number 19 Saturday! 0-H!

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