Justin Hilliard

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October 23, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Just a quick question for anybody who knows... Obviously, the Iowa game was last week and on hand was Justin Hilliard from Cincy checking out not only his Hawkeye brother, but the Bucks as well! Anybody know how his visit went? I looked around on some sites but didn't really catch anything to how the visit went. I guess I summarize by saying I  haven't heard much on him and if were looking good to get this guy for '15 class. Let me know what you guys think or what you may have heard. I know every Sunday Michael Chung from the "Ozone" writes his recruiting rundown, but I didn't see Hilliard listed. I have to say I think Justin is a must get for 2015 because he is a stud linebacker (which we really need depth wise) and he's a in state kid I really don't want leaving our protective border. Thanks guys! Let's go get #20 this week! Also have to say I cannot wait for this Saturday night! I hope to see the shoe just absolutely rockin with noise and attitude! Thanks again guys/gals for all the insight! Love reading your various threads and posts. Learning a lot because of you all. Blessed to be part of the THE greatest fan base in the nation. God bless and Go Bucks!

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