New Orleans based Buckeye faithfuls

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September 1, 2012 at 10:55 am

 As the storm winds from hurricane Isaac began to weaken thursday night, my wife and I could begin to breath a sigh of relief. We were among the fortunate, safe and very minimal property damage. Basically, the only thing we lost was power. We listened in horror as reports came over the radio about the flooding and loss of the life in Braithwaite and the rising waters on the Northshore and in Laplace. We called family and friends and were relieved to find everyone safe. Friday morning, in a search for normalcy, we both returned to our jobs. Her, to my sisters St. Charles Avenue restaurant to try and open for lunch, and I, to various construction sites around the city. Downed trees and branches were everywhere. Power, cable, and phone lines littered the streets in some areas. People cleaned debris from front yards and streets. The gas lines were long, but they seemed organized and people appeared patient. My drive around the city was both depressing and inspiring, and I was glad to return to safe surroundings of my powerless townhouse that evening. After a refreshingly cold shower, we made the decision to do the onething that we both feared the most; drive into mid city and see if there was electricity. Let me explain. In mid city resides the Mid City Yacht Club. It is owned by an Ohio State alumni. It is the only place in New Orleans that is gauranteed to have the Buckeyes on every saturday. As we neared the bar, i thought i saw a construction dumpster outside. My heart sank, but my wife said it was in the next block. I couldn't see any cars, but she assured me the were some. I didn't see any power on in the houses I was passing. I was told to shut up and keep driving. She thought she saw a beer sign, no, she was sure... it's open. Yes! Yes! It's open! I pulled to the curb and slumped behind the wheel. Elated but exhausted, from a 15 minute drive of sheer terror. "Get out of the truck, and come on," shouted the wife,  as she headed toward the entrance, appearantly not as emmotionally involved in the situation as I was. By the time I had kissed the sidewalk, high fived some passing citizens, and enter the place; beers were on the counter. I don't know how the first beer i ever drank in my life tasted, but there was certainly something special about that one. Come saturday morning, I'll put on my game gear and head to mid city. I'll stand for the National Anthem, have a moment of silence for those that perished, say a prayer for their familys, raise my glass to the proud old southern lady= New Orleans, and cheer wildly for my Ohio State Buckeyes. And for two hours life will be....normal;

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