What's with all of the hate???

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December 10, 2013 at 3:38 pm

I'm, as my profile states, a passionate, yet rational Buckeye fan.  I realize that, no matter which team anyone roots for, there will always be rival fans that will "hate" the other team and its fans.  Lord knows, I can't STAND TTUN.  Having said that, I'm noticing a steady increase over the last 10 years of a steady bile-spewing majority that makes it difficult to be a "fan" of any team, let alone the ever-hated Buckeyes. 
As an example, Monday, when I sat down in my office, my boss, who is a "fan" of BOTH Florida State AND Miami (I live in Florida, go figure...) promptly walked through my door and said, "Ohio State SUCKS.  They are the worst team I've ever seen.  We would've hung 70 on that s*itty defense.  I'm glad WE (meaning FSU of course) get to play a REAL team and get a REAL NC Game!"  I started to argue that we had just lost ONE game in our last 25 tries, that we had some bad play calls and that we were BEATEN by a better team on THAT day but you can't speak rationally to people who refuse to know what they are talking about. 
But...  It got me thinking...  What is it about the Buckeyes that cause this vitriol and HATE?  What is it about the team and school (even prior to UFM) that causes people to react to them this way?  If you get on any article ABOUT Ohio State on any site out there and read the comments that follow, there is a TONE, which I would characterize as VIOLENT, directed at Ohio State and any fan that DARES to post on said article.  Even if it's a simple, "Go Bucks" that person is attacked from ALL sides. 
It all seems to have really come to a head since the SEC started it's run of dominance over the world against us and hasn't ceased since.  2006 was a nightmare.  Not only for Buckeye fans, but really for the entire college football landscape.  It wasn't supposed to happen, but it did.  The whole system was abuzz...  But then, God forbid, the Buckeyes made it AGAIN in 2007.  We shouldn't have been there.  I don't know anyone on here that would say that we did.  We backed in and it looked that way.  We've been the red-headed step child ever since.  But WHY? 
Why doesn't Oklahoma, with their stellar 3-5 BCS Bowl record (1-1 in NCG's) since 1999 get the same hate that Ohio State does?  I guess 6-3 in BCS games (1-2 in NCG's) is worse?  Where is the spewing of hate toward our Ohio brother, "Big Game" Bob?  People say it's because we win, but as a Buckeye fan, I don't HATE Alabama.  I appreciate what Saban and the other SEC coaches have been able to do over the last decade.  It is truly amazing.  Do I want it to end?  Absolutely.  But do I get on message boards and "beat" on them?  No.  I shake my head in amazement as they get to ANOTHER NCG and have a chance at winning it. 
Hell, after the game on Saturday, I posted on my FB account, "Congrats Auburn fans.  You're welcome.  Now, Go 'Noles."  I was immediately ATTACKED by my "friends" that are SEMINOLE fans...  I am ROOTING for FSU to win that game... 
I'm just trying to understand where it comes from.  I didn't attend Ohio State.  I went to school in Athens, but that never changed what the Buckeyes have meant to me.  I know we have our own fair share of "extreme" fans that take things a bit to the brink sometimes, but I live in SEC country.  I've seen crazy and unreasonable across the faces of fans and am constantly attacked for my office that is decorated with Buckeye memorabilia and my degree from Ohio U.  I'm proud of where I'm from, but it's getting OLD being attacked for liking a university and its football team.
What's with all of the hate?  Opinions and comments are welcome.  These are just some observations I've made over the last few days and needed to put them out there to people who might understand.  I'm not whining.  I just don't understand that kind of "fandom."
Go Bucks. 

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