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Legends are Made

Saturday at 11:00, the teams will take to the field for warm-ups. Stare downs, taunts, maybe even a little shoving. They will walk on to the field with much on line. For Michigan, a possible BCS at-large bid to revive the program. Nothing makes you forget all about RichRod like a trip to New Orle...
23 Nov 2011
by BucksfanXC

Tonight's Top Ten: Michigan's Coaching Options!

Dave: Alright folks, time for tonight's Top Ten! (musical interlude) Dave: Ok, tonight's top ten is - Top Ten Options for the UofM Football Coach! Ready? #10 - Bear Byrant's hat on Les Miles' head. Dave: So Les will call the plays and run practice, but the hat mana...
08 Jan 2011
by BucksfanXC