Why it doesn't bother me that Urban isn't B1G-COY.

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December 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm

I don't have any problem with Ohio State coaches not being honored in this way very often.  The other B1G coaches see Ohio State as always being the biggest school with the most money, the best facilities, and the best recruiting footprint in the whole region.  Ohio State recruits itself, and they probably don't see it as a very big challenge for anyone of mediocre competence to win big at Ohio State.  In fact, I bet most of the coaches took a look at Tressel's teams over the years with a certain jealous disdain, because they would often win games on talent alone, as opposed to effort or gameplan (coughwalrusball).  He may have gotten the shaft in 2002, but it could be argued that those teams went into several games not prepared to play, and still won (partly because they were admittedly talented and partly because of a little luck).  One way to interpret Tressel's use of his own top talent was to put them in positions to do the minimum and still win.  Does that make a great coach?  I bet guys like Danny Hope or Glen Mason or Bret Bielema would spend some time as Jabba the Hutt's slave girl just to sniff the talent of those Ohio State teams.
So, yes, Urban Meyer deserved coach-of-the-year honors from his peers in the conference over Bill O'Brien.  It was a masterful navigation of a season with a team full of young talent that he didn't recruit and disenfranchised veterans that he needed to inspire to play big boy football for once in their lives.  And what happened?  Ohio State is 12-0, and just starting to rock 'n roll underneath him.  They're about to make a killing in merchandise sales this Christmas.  At this point, one could suggest that Urban Meyer could probably go pick out some funeral plots for he and his wife in Columbus because no one is expecting him to go anywhere any time soon.
Life is good in Buckeye nation.  Don't need the validation from the rest of the slackjawed B1G coaches that Urban Meyer is one of the greatest coaches of the past decade and made them all look silly on Saturdays in 2012.  But he'll never get that anyway.  He isn't here to make friends.  He's here to lay waste to everyone who dares challenge him. 
If he's anything like us (and he is), I bet he watched Wisconsin players chomping on roses after that game and wanted to hurl the Leaders trophy through the f'ing wall.  If the thought of Wisconsin once again representing the B1G in Pasadena for the third year in a row doesn't turn your knuckles white, then just give up.  Give up now, the door's over there, and have a nice life.  Meyer's validation will likely be garnished in rose petals or crystal footballs.  That's how we should see it, too, probably.

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