Major Penn State Burn!

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November 9, 2010 at 2:04 pm

I have a story for this week.  I'm in grad school on the west coast, and took a class last Spring on drug development.  We had a guest speaker who is a venture capitalist and is the head of a local company that funds start-up biotech.  Neat guy, but led his presentation with the fact that he went to Penn State and is a huge Penn State supporter, and has season tickets to all the games, and flies back for all of them.  At one point during the talk he posed this question to the class:

"Who's the most powerful man on the planet?"

There was a pause as people tried to come up with an answer.

Since no one said anything right away, and armed with a block-O hat that day, I raised my hand:

"Jim Tressel, head coach, Ohio State."  The class erupts in laughter, and the guy tried to save face by saying JoePa was.

Never graduate, baby!  GO BUCKEYES!  Send those puddy tats back to the hills!

P.S., I was ultimately invited to check out their facility, and the guy has a full-sized Penn State helmet signed by Joe Paterno in his office.

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