Hating the Buckeyes

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October 10, 2010 at 12:50 am

Immediately after today's game, John Saunders said something to the effect of, "Ohio State did not look like the #2 team in the nation today."  This is the same man who not 5 seconds after the clock hit 0:00 on the 50 yard line in the Rose Bowl asked Jim Tressel if this 2010 team would be taking aim a little higher than the Rose Bowl.  Today's game featured a 31-0 halftime lead, with a final 334 yards passing from a much-maligned Terrelle Pryor, and another 2 takeaways for this defense.  Yet, they don't look like #2.

Alabama fans boo louder when they mention Ohio State during College GameDay (by Home Depot) than they do when they mention Florida or Tennessee.

Mark May.


Here's the reality.  Jim Tressel became the 3rd fastest coach in Big Ten history to hit 100 wins.  He has won 4 BCS games, including a national championship, and a Rose Bowl as an underdog.  He has an unprecedented record against Michigan and 6 Big Ten titles.  His team this year is 6-0, with a win over a good (despite tonight's performance against FSU) Miami team.  His athletes are of good character, and are in the top-10 of the NCAA's APR.

Consider this an open forum to vent as to why the national media from ESPN on down does not want to see the 3rd most successful program of the decade anywhere near the national championship game.  Is it the 2006/2007 national title games...still?  Is it the Big Ten's defection from ESPN to their own network?  Is it the insanely high camera angles in Ohio Stadium that make everyone look like they are tiny ants running really slowly?

It's getting hard to follow college football when it's this drastically biased.

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