Bo Pelini, no Buckeye stickers for you...

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October 2, 2012 at 3:57 pm

Jeez, could Bo Pelini be more of a debbie downer when it comes to coaching in the Big Ten or his homecoming to Columbus this weekend?  Pelini was a starting free safety for a number of years at Ohio State, as many of us know, and was a captain his senior year.  Yet, pretty much from the get-go, it has seemed that Bo Pelini doesn't really give a flying cornhusker that he's now coaching a storied program against the conference he used to beat up each week when he was in college.  His demeanor seems very stand-offish, and his words seem to indicate that Ohio State has absolutely zero special meaning to him.

That was the Nebraska coach's message Monday when he was asked if taking his No. 21 Huskers (4-1, 1-0 Big Ten) into the "Horseshoe" to play the 12th-ranked Buckeyes (5-0, 1-0) made him feel nostalgic.
"Why would it?" he said.

Why would it?  Oh, I don't know, Bo.  Maybe the fact that you were a captain?  At Ohio State?

"I'm at a different time in my life, a different place," he said. "I mean, I have a job to do. That's all I'm concerned with."

Ooookay.  So are you some sort of robot?  Was college that awful for you?  Do you hold some sort of animosity towards Ohio State for how Earle got canned, or maybe you had some friction with John Cooper?  I mean, Chris Spielman was there at the same time, and he doesn't feel that way.  Hell, Earle was the one who was shat on, and he's still hanging around practice!

"I do have pride in where I went to school and my career there," Pelini said. "That has nothing to do with Saturday. It doesn't really make any difference what happened back in '86 to '90. That's a different time in my life."

Sheesh.  Way to go out of your way to passive-aggressively dissociate from Ohio State.  I mean, I get it.  You're trying to fire up your team, trying to look at your opponent as the enemy that you must crush to win your conference...that's all well and good, and I guess I can laud you for it.  But, c'mon, man.  I guess I just find it a little odd that he'd be so cold-blooded about it.  Absolutely no acknowledgement that this would be an extra special win to stick it to his alma mater, or have excitement about returning to the Horseshoe.

Pelini said he didn't know when he last was in the "Horseshoe."


"A long, long time ago," he said.

Really, Bo?  You don't remember the last time you set foot in the Horseshoe?  I find that very hard to believe unless you're some sort of Cromagdon, half-braindead fool.  Or maybe a bitter old coot.  
Or maybe it really isn't that special for him.
Which is a bummer.  Because it's sort of a big deal to be coaching anywhere.  Let alone being serendipitously dropped into the B1G and into Ohio Stadium...something that 3 years ago would not have crossed anyone's mind.
Oh well.  I guess it'll be extra non-special for him when he gets his doors blown off by B-rax and Company.

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