Why did losing to MSU Taste so Bad...?

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December 13, 2013 at 11:10 am

I was thinking about all the articles, blogs. post on 11w and I was writing as well. Then I took a few days to think about why so much hysteria over a loss, a game, and Big 10 Championship?  Well, here goes my opinion after reading all the frustration, hate, negativeness, hurt, pain, disgust....  losing isn't particularly bad, however win you lose to a team like say MSU, your left with a very bad taste in your  mouth, one that you cant quite explain... Sure losing is bad , and no one likes it, but there are tolerable losses.  Say for instance we had been playing Alabama or FSU and lost 34-24, we would all be on 11w posting: that we played well, and we are proud of our team, what an effort they gave, just came up a little short, we can build from this...etc...  However, losing to a team that is not on the same stage, caliber of talent, hasn't done anything in decades, that is a loss that is just plain,,,UNACCEPTABLE!   The reason this loss lingers and creates so much disgust form "WE" the fanbase is because it should not have happened! Most people would agree MSU at the start of the season had a horrible offense, just horrific, ours on the other hand had a Heisman Candidate in Hyde and Miller. Not to mention the weapons around miller and the All American Offensive line to boot!  MSU not the case, had no running threat, average QB and average O line.  Ok their Defense was very good, but was never truly tested against any top competition....  At the mid way point in the season if someone would have said that we would lose to MSU I would have laughed, not out of arrogance but at the possibility that they could even compete on our level...That is where the frustration lies, the deep wound that it has caused.. A number 2 in the Country Buckeye team just licking it's chops to go to the NCG! One win away,,,, and then it all falls apart against a NATIONAL POWERHOUSE in MSU???? I looked at the talent on both sides of the ball; just doesn't seem to make any sense...This one will hurt for a while that is for sure, What we can hope for is that MSU beats down Stanford, or it will make the BIG 10 look even worse..  Losing to the likes of FSU, Alabama, Auburn on a national stage, we can accept that, however losing to a team that has done nothing in the last say 20 years, just plain unacceptable and that is why this one gets so much attention...Ohio State could play MSU 10 more times and would win 8 of them I am sure, and we all know it..that is what really ticks us off, getting that close , at the doorstep of the NCG and having it taken away by a nobody...  Look at MSU wins over Minnesota and the others...powerhouse indeed...This may take a while to heal , but I sure hope Meyer has learned a lesson from this ordeal.GO BUCKS!!!   OH                         I would like to hear others thoughts on this loss...  thanks.

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