We have heard this before: "We need to get better"

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January 4, 2014 at 10:00 am

I went to the game last night and sat very close to the field of play, I have played college level sports, and I will be the first to tell you, we are average at best.
The Clemson Defense was flying all over the field as if they knew where to be before they got there, conversely the OSU defense played scared and timid all night.
I tried to think why they were looking like deer in the headlights.  Seems they were doing more thinking during the playing, than reacting and pursuing.  It seemed as if
no one wanted to be the first one to put a helmet on a guy, seemed very very timid.
       I watched Clemson defense and it was disruptive, callous and down right nasty. They were always in the correct positions on the field, they were hungrier and much quicker to getting to the
ball.  I sat there as a buckeye of 47 years and wondered how did we get to this place of irrational defense play?  How did we get to a place of mediocrity?
Oh and the people I was sitting around were very affluent Clemson and Buckeye fans; and they all agreed. We seemed to play scared and very timid on defense, where as Clemson was constantly attacking,
and throwing themselves in harms way...
       This is not about "We need to get better"  This is about returning to who The Ohio State is defensively! Taking pride in our heritage.
The way I see it this defense had 3 weeks to get ready for Watkins and they get and "F" for game plan, and for "F" for execution defensively.
There are no more excuses to be made or quotes of  "We need to get better", only that heads need to roll... yesterday. This defensive plan, scheme, and coaching is an "F"
I have been a Urban fan since prior to Florida, but right now, I an missing the Tressel defensive teams.
***      I believe we need DRASTIC changes on defense!!!
** Bosa, Bell, Powell ,& Marcus all played great and were attacking all night!
* Coombs needs to go now; and possibly others immediately.
* Braxton is not a throwing QB, has much improving to do.
* Guiton could have done better, in my opinion.
* I wrote this while I am still under the anger of our loss, so please forgive me for venting.

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