Penn State recruiting letter to OSU targets following "Tat-gate":

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July 18, 2012 at 10:59 am

This is an example of one of the negative recruiting letters PSU was sending to OSU targets within the past year, after the (overblown & overinflated) "Tat-gate".
Joe Pa & McQueary sent out this little gem.  Knowing what these coaches calculatingly & deceivingly covered up for over a decade, look at the hypocrisy.
The thing that gets me is, of course, is the phony "Success with Honor" BS & the "Penn State is 1 of 2 Division 1 institutions who have never been investigated or sanctioned for any major sanctions." Matt Millen loves to use this line, too, referring to PSU & Stanford.
Well, if these snakes covered up child rape for 14 years in the bubble of State College, they maaaay  have been able to cover up some other infractions. Wow.

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