(on the Anzalone situation): "OSU needs to get this under control - yesterday" - CFN writer Phil Harrison. What a dunce.

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May 8, 2012 at 10:45 am

I found this on cfn.com (collegefootballnews.com). Do some of these clowns really get paid for writing this garbage? Unbelievable. How can this pass for sports journalism. It's as if this guy just saw the misleading headline on The Bleacher Report over the weekend, then derived his own LAZY short-story from that. Yeah, Phil --- OSU can control 1 out of 80,000 plus fans, who merely got a picture with a recruit.
The writer's name is Phil Harrison, ( @PhilHarrisonCFN, on Twitter).
"The Recruiting Deceleration at Ohio State-
Ohio State and Urban Meyer had used some momentum to build its early 2013 recruiting class to thirteen through spring ball and things were looking mighty rosy. It continued a trend of Meyer pulling punches and bringing in talent from all across the nation to Ohio State since his hire in late November of last year. Now however, over the last week, the Buckeyes received news of two recruits having a change of heart and decommitting. It started first with word that linebacker/defensive end recruit Lewis Neal had re-opened his commitment with an offer from LSU on the table. Just a couple of days later, news broke that highly touted linebacker Alex Anzalone out of Wyomissing, PA is no longer in the fold--bringing the class down to eleven. Most troubling in all of this is the reason behind Anzalone’s change of mind. According to many reports, Anzalone backed out of his commitment because of the contact that was made by a known sex-offender during the recruiting process. The fan, Charles Eric Waugh, lives in Kentucky but had been known to have access to many recruits and had even used social-media to try and make contact to several players. This news is very disturbing, and you really can’t fault the decision made by Anzalone. OSU needs to get this under control--yesterday."

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