Favorite Buckeye Names Of All-Time?

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October 22, 2012 at 4:35 pm

I was watching college football over the weekend, and there are some unique names out there - there is a RB for Georgia Tech named Robert Godhigh. I'm sure you're all aware of Cincy's QB Munchie Legaux. Then there's a LB for Northwestern named Chi Chi Ariguzo, and a LB for Texas Tech named Terrance Bullitt. Also, LSU has a DT named Barkevious Mingo. But maybe the craziest name out there is a Buffalo LB named Wonderful Terrific Monds II. You can't make this stuff up.
This got me to thinking of some of the catchy names who've suited up for the Buckeyes over the years, even the guys who've transferred. I went through a bunch of old OSU gameday programs I've been saving.
Who is your favorite? Personally, I think Ken-Yon Rambo is a pretty sweet name. My top 3 would be: Key-Yon Rambo, LeCharles Bentley, and Richard McNutt, (all 3 of which, by the way, were on the roster at the same time - in 1999). Most of these guys with unique names happened to be great players, too. Here is a list I put together, I'm sure there's some I missed...feel free to add any good names:
Andre Amos (DB - mid/late 00s)
Brent Bartholomew (P - mid/late 90s)
Brian Baschnagel (WR - early/mid 70s)
LeCharles Bentley (C - late 90s/early 00s)
Gary Berry (DB - late 90s)
Alex Boone (OL - mid/late 00s)
David Boston (WR - mid/late 90s)
John Brockington (RB/FB - late 60s)
Bob Brudzinski (DE - early/mid 70s)
Joe Burger (LB - current)
Butler By'not'e (RB - early 90s)
Howard "Hopalong" Cassidy (RB - early/mid 50s)
Tim Cheatwood (TE/DE - late 90s/early 00s)
Chimdi Chekwa (DB - late 00s)
George "Chief" Cheroke (OL - early 40s)
Brandon "Bam" Childress (WR - early 00s)
Galen Cisco (FB/LB - mid 50s)
Maurice Clarett (RB - early 00s)
Kurt Coleman (DB - late 00s)
Tom Cousineau (LB - mid/late 70s)
Curtis Crosby (DB - early 00s)
Mike D'Andrea (LB - early/mid 00s)
Doug Datish (OL - early/mid 00s)
Van DeCree (DE - early/mid 70s)
Na'il Diggs (LB - late 90s)
Doug Donley (WR - late 70s/early 80s)
Mike Doss (DB - early 00s)
Albert Dukes (WR - mid 00s)
Bri'onte Dunn (RB - current)
Frank Epitropoulos (WR - current)
Juggy Franklin (DB - mid 90s)
Joey Galloway (WR - early 90s)
Chris Gamble (WR/DB/PR - early 00s)
Eddie George (RB - mid 90s)
Reggie Germany (WR - late 90s)
Vernon Gholston (LB/DE - mid/late 00s)
Thaddeus Gibson (LB - mid/late 00s)
Teddy Ginn, Jr. (WR/PR/KR - mid 00s)
Nick Goings (RB - mid/late 90s)
Cie Grant (LB - early 00s)
Lou Groza (K/OT - early 40s)
Charles William "Chic" Harley (RB/QB/K/P/DB - late 10s)
Rob Harley (DB - early/mid 00s)
Raymont Harris (RB - early 90s)
Brian Hartline (WR - mid 00s)
Ben Hartsock (TE - early 00s)
AJ Hawk (LB - early/mid 00s)
Champ Henson (FB - early 70s)
Antonio Henton (QB - mid/late 00s)
Kirk Herbstreit (QB - early 90s)
Santonio Holmes (WR - early/mid 00s)
Ty Howard (DB - mid/late 90s)
Derek Isaman (LB - mid/late 80s)
Vlade Janakievski (K - late 70s)
Vic Janowicz (RB - late 40s/early 50s)
Malcolm Jenkins (DB - mid/late 00s)
Brandon Joe (FB - early 00s)
Pepper Johnson (LB - mid 80s)
Andy Katzenmoyer (LB - late 90s)
Rex Kern (QB - late 60s)
Marlon Kerner (DB - early 90s)
Percy King (DB - mid/late 90s)
Strom Klein (LB - current)
Garcia Lane (DB/PR - early 80s)
James Laurinaitis (LB - mid 00s)
Kirk Lowdermilk (C - early/mid 80s)
Jamal Luke (WR - early 00s)
Sammy Maldonado (RB - early 00s)
Nick Mangold (C - early 00s)
Marcus Marek (LB - late 70s/early 80s)
Claudius Mbemba (DE - current)
Central McClellion (DB - mid/late 90s)
Richard McNutt (DB - early 00s)
Jake McQuaide (LS - late 00s)
Mark Minnix (WR - early 00s)
Bobby Olive (WR - late 80s)
Shane Olivea (OL - early 00s)
Patrick O'Morrow (K - mid/late 80s)
Jamario O'Neal (DB - mid/late 00s)
Jim Otis (FB - late 60s)
Orlando Pace (OL - mid 90s)
Tito Paul (DB - early 90s)
Pepe Pearson (RB - mid 90s)
Bo Pelini (DB - late 80s)
Quinn Pitcock (DL - mid 00s)
Antonio Pittman (RB - mid 00s)
Ahmed Plummer (DB - mid/late 90s)
DeVier Posey (WR - late 00s)
Vanness Provitt (WR - late 90s)
Ken-Yon Rambo (WR - late 90s)
Armani Reeves (DB - current)
JaJa Riley (RB - early 00s)
Robert Rose (DL - mid/late 00s)
Everett Ross (DB - mid/late 80s)
Etienne Sabino (LB - current)
Dane Sanzenbacher (WR - late 00s)
Alonzo Shavers (WR - mid 90s)
Vince Skillings (DB - late 70s)
Tom Skladany (P - early/mid 70s)
Ray Small (WR/PR - mid/late 00s)
Carlos Snow (RB - late 80s)
Alonzo Spellman (DE - late 80s/early 90s)
Shawn Springs (DB - mid 90s)
Dimitrious Stanley (WR - early/mid 90s)
Jim Stillwagon (DT - late 60s)
Obie Stillwell (DB - mid 90s)
Jake Stoneburner (WR/TE - current)
Roland Steele (DB - late 90s)
Obie Stillwell (LB - mid 90s)
Korey Stringer (OL - early 90s)
Lorenzo Styles (LB - early 90s)
Nicky Sualua (FB - mid 90s)
Buster Tillman (WR - early/mid 90s)
Jack Tatum (DB - late 60s)
Steve Tovar (LB - early 90s)
A.J. Trapasso (P - mid/late 00s)
Tom Tupa (QB/P - mid 80s)
E.J. Underwood (DB - early 00s)
Lawrence Vickerstaff (RB - mid 90s)
Paul Warfield (WR - early 60s)
Jerry Westbrooks (RB - late 90s)
William White (DB - mid 80s)
Donte Whitner (DB - early/mid 00s)
Michael Wiley (RB - mid/late 90s)
Dan "Big Daddy" Wilkinson (DT - early/mid 90s)
Antoine Winfield (DB - mid/late 90s)
Jason Winrow (OT - early 90s)
Vince Workman (RB - mid 80s)
Doug Worthington (DT - mid/late 00s)
Ashton Youboty (DB - early/mid 00s)
Srecko Zizakovic (DE - late 80s)
Justin Zwick (QB - early/mid 00s)

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