The spoils we've had & where your mind is at - QB

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March 28, 2011 at 12:47 pm
  • Rex Kern
  • Stanley Jackson
  • Joe Germaine
  • Troy Smith
  • Craig Krenzel
  • Terrelle Pryor
  • ... Shane Falco (Had to, deal with it!)

I'm sure there will be additional names in your mind for one reason or another. That is a list for me that represents a buttload of diversity. It also represents my age. 'Baby Face' Germaine & Stan 'The Man' Jackson were in my teenage years. Krenzel was in my early twenties. Troy. Didn't know what to put after Troy there. Seems it speaks for itself. Rex Kern & the 'Super Sophmores'. TP, countless games won on his ability.

Everyone has their own mental list. We all take with us a memory of who we believed in. Who we wish could've been around longer. That particular player or core, represented something special to you. For me, there will probably never be another '02. A generation a bit older might say there would never be another '68. Each holds the line against the other. I might also say I was lucky enough to be a part of the tOSU experience that not many have in regards to intimacy with a team (Germaine/Jackson Era). I remember going to Mill Run as a 'youngin' for a team movie. I remember the sidelines. I remember sitting in on a recruiting visit ... It amazed me to sit in a upside down Buckeye helmet. It amazed me that Scott's father (Walt) was used to this type of thing. I also remember that terrible FG game against a certain state up north on the visit above. The rainy atmosphere also hindered the girl I was hoping to develop a relationship with, something I still haven't buried the hatchet w/Mother Earth on. Walt still reminds me of how down I was after. Those QB's were MINE! I knew they could put it together for this game. My best friends Dad was their coach for freaks sake, they have to win! Whoops, not true. People are mortal & make mistakes. Things happen out of your control.




When you think of what you have loved/hated in regards to tOSU Football, QB is involved with your top list. We are very obviously in a transition (Not sure I can call it a transition at this point) to a more mobile system. Looking at the progression over the years makes it clear that our aim is to continue the Troy, Pryor mold. I don't link those two names as in they are the same (So don't try it yourself!), but the obvious steer towards QB mobility is evident. Times change and our own sport evolves. Efficiency vs Mobility. The grail is someone who can do both, without issue. Military personnel will tell you that regardless of what you've seen in games ... you can't actually run & gun. It's not Xbox. It isn't a simulation. There are issues that arise.


So the question is, do you want a mobile QB who makes the plays with his feet first or do you want one who makes them with his arm first? Is there a happy medium? Did you love a dual QB system? Hate it? Want someone who can make receivers superstars? Don't care, get the down? Eliminating the '02 championship as a qualifier, just based off games and you, would you prefer Krenzel over TP? Hell no, TP any day of the week?


(P.S. - Again, planned to bring this up previously on just preference and not the crap that has started since. Hoping we can not flame out into goofy territory)







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