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December 25, 2011 at 7:02 am

I am a frequent visitor, though I rarely post anything (feeling inadequate in the face of such erudition as permeates this site).  I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone at 11W for their hard work and dedication in bringing me, and the myriad of other Buckeye fans, their unique brand of incisive reporting, breaking news, rational analysis, and strategic placement of troll faces.  I think the thing I most appreciate is the sense of humor which informs all of your endeavors, reminding us that, though it may seem like life or death more often than is logical or healthy, what we are obsessing over is a game, something which should bring us joy and camaraderie.  I raise a cup of badass wassail to all of you who have made me laugh and think and cheer through this most difficult of years, and I look forward to a new year, as Buckeye Nation rises from the ashes of unjust immolation and takes its rightful place at the head of the B1G table.  Merry Christmas and Go Bucks!!!!

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