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August 22, 2011 at 11:27 am

Is it bad that every time I see Brady Hoke I think of Fred Flintstone, John Balushi, or Norm from Cheers?



Is it a wonder that his last name happens to rhyme with such words as: Choke or Joke?


While Rich Rod did everything he could to kill "The Game",  Hoke inspires in me a new hatred for TSUN.  From his fat arrogant demeanor, to his traitorous past he has all the elements for bringing back what's been missing from the rivalry.  It's us, the good guys versus the bad guys, winner takes all.  

In a year of uncertainty for the program, there is one thing that remains true and burns even brighter now that Hoke is at the helm.  My hatred for a whole state I don't give a damn for.

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