Should We Even Try to Get Timmons?

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November 15, 2012 at 11:18 am

Not to knock on Timmons (I actually want him to be a Buckeye), but would he ever get used to his full ability if he becomes a Buckeye?  With Jalin Marshal, Elliot, and Braxton, what place would there be for Timmons?  I wouldn't want him relagated to special teams and I wouldn't want a scholorship used on somebody who possibly would remain a backup.  I think he could be good enough to start on most teams but would be a backup to Marshal and others with the Buckeyes. 
 I'm sure Waycraken sees a great player but I think it may be better for Timmons to look elsewhere.  We never can have too many playmakers but I also want to give kids a chance to chase their dreams.  From what I can see, Timmons is smaller and not as strong as Marshal.  Yes, he is dynamic but I believe he will be pushed aside and forgotten in comparison to other playmakers. 
What do you all think?  Should Urban really go after Timmons or focus on other needs like linebacker and offensive line?  I will be happy if we get Timmons but I just want him to go somewhere he can be used.  I don’t want to us to be like USC or Alabama and have really good players locked behind even better players.

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