My week one review

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September 5, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Wisconsin 51 – UNLV 17
Prediction: Wis 54 – UNLV 12.  Pretty much nailed this one as Wilson looks to be an added demension to the otherwise poundy pound Wisconsin offense.

Michigan State 28 – Youngstown State 6
Prediction: MSU 49 – YSU 10.  Well I certainly expected more out of the Spartan offense that a weak 28 points against an FCS squad.  That’s not going to earn them back-to-back B1G champioships.

Northwestern 24 – Boston College 17
Prediction: Northwestern 32 – BC 24.  Well, in one regards I was compeletly and totally off base on this game as I predicated my call on Persa.  Oh well, the Wildscats still won and the game was still a dud.

Penn State 41 – Indiana State 7
Prediction: Penn State 42 – Indiana State 6.   Yeah!  I am thinking Nits fans will be hoping I am not this close in my prediction of this week’s game.

Purdue 27 – Middle Tennessee State 24
Prediction: MTS 28 – Purdue 24.  So close on this one, but the quarterbackless Boilermakers escaped with a last second victory over a very afwul team, at home. This is going to be an ugly year in West Lafayette.

Iowa 34 – Tennessee Tech 7
Prediction: Iowa 45 – TT 9.  Again, another underwhelming win over a FCS opponent. 

Ohio State 42 – Akron 0
Prediction: OSU 56 – Akron 17.  It was so damn hot.  A great start to the Fickell era.  The team played with good intesity in a game that may give the doomsayers pause. Also, a shutout is a Good Thing®, regardless of the opponent.

Illinois 33 – Arkansas State 15
Prediction: ILL 38 – Ark St 17.  Freeze had no super powers and Zook is still on the hot seat.

Michigan 34 – Western Michigan 10
Prediction: Mich 27 – W. Mich 24.  Hmmm.  Broncos play tough before letting a bad team look good and how many UM fans are pricing out airfare to Pasadena.  Michigan is BACK!  For this week anyway.

USC 19 – Minnesota 17
Prediction: USC 36 – Minney 28.  Less offensive production than I thought but, at the same time, the agonizing closeness was more than I foresaw.  Kill and his boys tried, they really did.

Nebraska 40 – Chattanooga 7
Prediction: Neb 54 – Chatta 9.  Well now, looks like someone in the B1G knows how to properly defeat a FCS team, although the score is still a little too close for my liking.  Based on week one, Big Red doesn’t look up to the task in Camp Randell.

Ball State 27 – Indiana 20
Prediction: Ball State 28 – Indy 27.  It’s an amazing record of ineptitude.

Week One 11-1 (.917)