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My week one review

Wisconsin 51 – UNLV 17 Prediction: Wis 54 – UNLV 12.  Pretty much nailed this one as Wilson looks to be an added demension to the otherwise poundy pound Wisconsin offense. Michigan State 28 – Youngstown State 6 Prediction: MSU 49 – YSU 10.  Well I certain...
05 Sep 2011
by BuckeyeSaab

My Week One Preview

Welcome to my week one preview.  After perusing my in-depth analysis you should have an even greater appreciation for the actual 11W staff. Thursday, Sept 1st UNLV @ Wisconsin(10) - 8:00pm A bottom feeder MWC team comes into Camp Randall for the second part of a home-and-home tha...
31 Aug 2011
by BuckeyeSaab

Can't eat in peace.

Just left Katzinger's Deli. Place completely over run by Miami(FL) fans walking down from the downtown hotels. Made the line way too long for 2pm on a school day. At least they waited until I was leaving to start wooting and getting their swagger on. I am quite surprised that they were ab...
10 Sep 2010
by BuckeyeSaab

Great hands, dumb moves

There is a well established track record of wealthy WASP scions rebelling against their comfortable lives of privilege.  These “Trustafarians” often end up as jet setting self-absorbed leftists living a life of sequestered luxury all the while thumbing their noses at the very soc...
30 Aug 2010
by BuckeyeSaab