Buckeye Poetry: An Open Poem to Our Buckeye Football Players

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August 11, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Friends, isn't it wonderful that the players are actually practicing?  I love the Remy's daily COUNTDOWN blog posts and I'm really getting in the mood for some actual on-the-field action. Today's poem was inspired by that spirit.

I've never been really motivated by "motivational" material in the way a lot of people are.  (I think it's just because of the way I grew up.)  I thought it might be fun, however, to try my hand at writing a poem in that style.  Imagine the poem being read by John Facenda or one of the other legendary narrator-type-guys.  The piece is in the style of an open letter; perhaps some of the ideas will mean something to you in your own life; even if we're not Buckeye football players, don't we all have a passion of some kind?

An Open Poem to Our Buckeye Football Players
Kenneth Nichols
Those two-a-days in the heat of Columbus summer
will feel like Arctic chill in the crucible of
November Saturdays.  The pain that wracks
your limbs is not mere soreness, but
a shadow of the agony that holds
the souls of men who reach the locker room
with energy to spare.

Do one more drill
in spite of all the sweat.
Do one more rep
for you know the man across the line did his.

'Til now, your rep has been your reputation;
speculation by your coaches, scouts and friends.
So once that whistle blows, ignore potential.
The hopes that earned your roster spot means zilch.

The Buckeye State has given you a chance.
Will you do us proud or linger in regret?

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