Sometimes It Means More Than Just A Game.

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September 3, 2012 at 9:33 pm

This is a thank you letter to coach Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes.
Football season starting out is a great thing. Sometimes it is more than just the start of another season. Sometimes it means more. Not just for a program but for the fans and in this case for me.
In the last sixth months I have seen my father die, my marriage of ten years end in a seperation and bankruptcy. I have spent more time in a court room negotiating things and I still have more negotiating to do. That is par for the course in any separation. To put it bluntly, 2012 has sucked canal water in a big way.
Like most people who are Buckeye fans I started very young.  My first memories of football were watching the Woody Hayes show on the Cleveland affiliate and then the Buckeyes would be on TV after that. I was hooked as a kid even without my parents being huge fans. Archie Griffin was my second childhood hero after my dad.
When I left Ohio in 95, Buckeye football was my last connection to home because the fan base was nationwide, I could always find another Buckeye Emigre' at the tavern watching the game. It was a blessing. Talking to someone from home always has and always will cheer my soul.
My sons (9 and 6) already know the fight song. They don't know what *ichigan is but they know it isn't good. Football provides something joyful for us to share during a time of transition and change. Thank you.
So coach Meyer, when you and the team take the field this Saturday against a Florida directional school, thank you. I know to you guys it is game 2 of 12. It is part of the building process toward a national title. To me it is a reminder from the almighty that everything is going to work out. That despite the problems of the programs last two years and my last two years that better things are coming. There will be peaks at the other end of the valleys. Football isn't life but it provides better lessons and better metaphors for life than any other sport we play.
I know in the big scheme of things a season of football doesn't matter all that much but to have something that reminds you of (to quote Field of Dreams) "all that was good and could be again." is a great blessing.
On behalf of Buckeye fans who are going through hard times be they personal or economic or whatever, Thank You. Somtimes it means more than just a game.

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