Sugar Bowl MS Paint artwork

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December 22, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Just thought I'd share a picture I drew for the Sugar Bowl on Paint, it actually worked out great because this was the exact same picture I drew for the Rose Bowl last year, I just changed the duck to a razorback lol. Very convenient. Enjoy. I guess I have to reach 125 words so, I have a lot more Buckeye pictures that I have made on Paint if anyone else is interested in seeing them. If anyone has a catchy slogan/idea that I can turn into a picture, go ahead and suggest it, I'll make it if it's cool enough. Still like 12 words short, so Brian Rolle is a monster, that is all. Hopefully this is now 125 words. Thanks.

Edit: I keep trying to resize it, but it is still getting cut off. To see the whole thing, right click and view image.

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