What Other Buckeyes Could Land in the NFL Hall of Fame

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February 13, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Hey guys I was wondering which current or recently retired buckeye will make the nfl hall of fame. It only took what seems like forever for chris "all he does is catch touchdowns" Carter to finally get it. Here is the list of current Bucks who are in the NFL. I personally feel that Hawk, Laurinaities, Jenkins, Winfield and Clements all have a legit chance to aleast beconsidered if they keep up their level of play. Although I do wish that we put more skill position players( wide recievers and running backs) that are really good in the NFL. All of the guys that I mentioned are tackling machines who can easily get 100 or more tackles aseason easily. Clements had a ok year but he can be a ballhawk even at his advanced age. I look forward to see more buckeyes in the hall of fame and maybe one being able to pass USC and Notre Dame on number of guys that we put in the NFL hall of fame. And I do love pulling up this stat to all of my SEC friends who swear that the Big ten players suck and that it is the SEC that dominates not only college but the pros. I point to the hall of famers and then they try to come up with a bunch of nonsense in order to support their claims that the SEC is better in the pros.  It is the pros that show how good a player really is and the Big ten and tOSU by far out shine the SEC.

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