Respect the Basement / March Madness Challenge

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March 14, 2012 at 11:00 pm

"Quite clearly, 11W has filled an unmet need for Buckeyes fans by abandoning milquetoast, sanitized commentary for real talk without forsaking quality or sanity"

That line echos in my head ... and like the day that Howard Stern hangs up his headphones and stops doing his live show, I cannot shake the thought of how I might feel when 11W closes up shop or something forces a change that will negatively impact what it is today.  I've not always been a registered forum troll but I have been reading the site long enough to have a great fondness for the unique angle that 11W and their contributing staff present to the interweb-surfing Buckeye Nation.  With requisite homage paid to said platform, on to the challenge.

For every Ohio State victory in this year's NCAA Basketball tournament, I will donate up to $100 per win.  When Coach Matta and team puts a beating on Loyola University Thursday, I donate.  Then again this weekend, I donate.  God forbid the team runs the table and bring home all the fake ribbons and the title, I drop up to six hundred in all.

What is this "up to" nonsense?

Where's the challenge if I just dish out a c-note for every win?  That is where you come in.  You donate a buck for each win, I donate a buck for each win.  You donate ten, I donate ten.  Raise your hand right now if you see a patten.  I will total up everyone's donations and match that amount for up to $100 each game.  If you would like to participate, all you have to do is make your donation and in the MEMO field say BUCKEYEFANATIC, March Madness Challenge or something equally as clever.

If you need any convincing, you should review the Top 10 Reasons to Respect the Basement and in the process, learn how you can play the most epic April Fool's Joke on our neighbor to the north.  Je te verrais plus tard Michigan!

EDITED:  forgot the link to scUM April Fool's joke.

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