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October 26, 2012 at 11:53 pm

When I was 15 years younger, 15 years dumber, 15 years less married ... I had a great idea.  A buckeye website.  There were only a couple sites out there and although I was grateful for the access one in particular gave me to Ohio State news while I was in the military overseas in the mid-1990's, I wasn't crazy about my Buckeye options on the Information Superhighway.
There wasn't much occupying my times those days in comparison to today, so I registered BUCKEYEFANATIC.COM and I planned on doing great things. 
FSU stood for Free Shoes U
Always great ideas, little ability to execute and follow through.  I'm just not a type-A personality I guess.  The website stumbed along for a number of years, carried by some excellent contributers (one named Ramzy) before finally NOT calling it quits and letting the website starve as die as many sites do.  So like many of my "great ideas," the effort fizzled out.
ANYWAY ... I saw someone accepting submissions for Buckeye thremed pumpkins and it got me thinking.  I did some cool pumpkins at some point?  It set me off on a scavenger hunt for those old digital pictures.  Now where are those old website backups .... ah hah!  Here they are:
touch to see me in all my GIFy glory
I was living in Tampa at the time and the pumpkins did not make it to see Halloween evening, some jealous tool decided to chuck them into the street one night.  Not before I got some pictures though.
Visit the site to see the pumpkins in action.  GO BUCKS!

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