Start/Play Graham or Guiton against Colorado?

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September 18, 2011 at 9:03 am

After seeing the performance of OSU's quarterbacks throughout the three games, I can not help but think to myself: "Was Graham or Guiton really that bad that they lost the competition to those two?" Then I realize that the "quarterback competition" this summer was already narrowed down to two before Ohio State even started camp. Think about it, Joe Ba is a 5th-year senior so he (should) know the offense better than anyone just based on years in the program and Braxton is a herald recruit which is way too talented to keep off the field. With those intangibles in mind, I feel Guiton and Graham never really had much of a chance to compete for the job because it is against morals to bench a 5th year senior and the freshman is the future of the program. Now granted it might be a little late to reopen the quarterback competition, but I feel after last nights atrocious (to put it lightly) performance we should at least give one or both of these quarterbacks a look because Joe Ba is not getting things done and Braxton seems like he still needs some time to get his bearings straight. What are all your thoughts: Should Guiton and/or Graham get a chance to play/start against Colorado?

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