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August 9, 2013 at 8:30 pm

Stumbling through my box of memorabilia, I like to share the thoughts I had on the night we beat scUM to play for the BCS title in 2002. From the perspective of a fan who lost to scUM when it was on the line.
93,95,96- never forget. Never forget the feeling- Your heart beating like crazy, you can't breathe, eyes twitching. Down 9-7 late in the fourth, here we go again. Never forget the Krenzel option to Maurice Hall (Brookhaven) for the touchdown, 14-7. You haven't felt this since the '97 Rose Bowl. Never forget Navarre's fumble. Never forget the last drive- 7  seconds, overthrown. 1 second left- perfect strike- INTERCEPTION WILL ALLEN, BUCKEYES WIN, BUCKEYES!!! TO THE FIESTA BOWL!!! NO MATTER WHO WINS WE DID IT! 13-0, BEATING MICHIGAN. (YOU GOTTA LIVE FOR THE MOMENT!!!) Never forget staying up unitl 2:45 re-watching the highlights, never forget Beano Cook saying "No matter who from the Buckeyes make it to the NFL, Makes it to the Super Bowl, they will NEVER play in a game as important as this one again. Enjoy it Ohio State, enjoy it for a long time". Never forget the teary eyed joy at 2:50 because you did it. FINALLY. never forget being so emotionally drained (AS A FAN!) You could care less about Titans vs Ravens (* I went to the game the next day). Never forget your heart ready to explode as you write this, and no one, not Michigan next year, not the Fiesta Bowl, not Baltimore, can ever take this feeling away!
31-24 Buckeyes NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!

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