Custom Buckeye Jerseys

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November 12, 2010 at 10:13 am
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SO after hanging around on UNIWATCH, I came up with an idea for new B-Ball jerseys. Just my own concept. I really don't care for the Nike System of dress style, even though their is still a pattern named "Ohio State" (based on the 06-07 regular season jerseys) which can be found on Eastbay or

We haven't had a identity on the basketball uniforms that screams us, just some generic stuff over the last few years. Thoughts???

I replaced the football stipes on the home and road jerseys , and the "Ohio State" on the home jersey with an arched "Buckeyes" . Also, I seperated the "Ohio State" from top to top and bottom,  and arched it on the Road and Alt. I was somewhat limited by the Nike website as to what I wanted to do.

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