The sky is the limit... unless you have a ceiling

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August 22, 2013 at 11:07 pm

I've seen some interviews in the past few weeks from Tom Herman discussing Braxton's ceiling and how the staff is trying to push and evaluate how great Braxton can truly be.  There is no question Braxton is an exceptionally dynamic player who is capable of things on the football field that only a very small handful of QBs can even dream of - let alone execute.  After watching the spring game a few (hundred.. let's face it, that's all we got to see for eight months) times, I was a little concerned that I wasn't seeing a more polished passer that was able to make quick decisions and pick apart the secondary.  Now I do realize he was playing against the Buckeye defense, and I also realize the defense was able to key in on the pass because they knew we weren't going to run with him (which takes away a major defensive concern considering XBrax360's world-class jukes and running ability), but there were far too many times that he seemed to take forever in the pocket and either got sacked or dumped down to the backs for modest gains. 
I wish I could have watched that scrimmage the other day to help assuage my fears that he is indeed turning into a QB that makes prudent and decisive throws from the pocket when called upon; however, I haven't quite seen it yet. 
This season will tell what we have on our hands, but is anyone else worried that Braxton has a low ceiling when it comes to his decision-making ability in the passing game? 

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