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December 27, 2013 at 12:17 pm

I've seen a lot of words written about BOB and PSU these last few days due to the HC's buyout reduction, impending interviews, etc.  I think BOB seems like a decent dude. He said some nice things about the Bucks when we were trapped in the undefeated/outside-looking-in ESPiN narrative late fall - and that was cool; he didn't have to do that. Reading about his child's health concerns, I want the best for he and his family. Shoot, I would even donate blood if it would help the kid recover.
That said, what I haven't enjoyed reading about is some of the posts about how the NCAA was too harsh on PSU and how it would be great to have them as a power again. In my perspective, if they were never able to field a football team again, that would be justice for their misdeeds. What the leaders of that football team and school covered up was the worst of humanity's crimes.  To protect a football team at the expense of children?? You represent a school for goodness sake! You are supposed to be in charge of leading and molding young minds! That's your job. You failed, PSU leadership.  It enrages me to even think about it for very long. 
So, as far as whether I would give two damns if PSU's football program ever saw the light of day, a bowl game, and B10 title game, etc. - meh. They deserved a football death penalty.  If they never climb out of the hole that they dug for themselves, it would be too soon. 

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