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About PSU

I've seen a lot of words written about BOB and PSU these last few days due to the HC's buyout reduction, impending interviews, etc.  I think BOB seems like a decent dude. He said some nice things about the Bucks when we were trapped in the undefeated/outside-looking-in ESPiN narrat...
27 Dec 2013
by BuckeyeBred

Grading out as a Champion

I admit it, although Kyle comes through with solid summaries of the Coach's Monday press interviews, I still like to watch them (see: unapologetic Ohio State Football junkie).  One thing that strikes me is the statement of which players grade out as Champions.  I'm sure it's a ...
19 Nov 2013
by BuckeyeBred

The sky is the limit... unless you have a ceiling

I've seen some interviews in the past few weeks from Tom Herman discussing Braxton's ceiling and how the staff is trying to push and evaluate how great Braxton can truly be.  There is no question Braxton is an exceptionally dynamic player who is capable of things on the football field t...
22 Aug 2013
by BuckeyeBred