This is the MINIMUM of Dontre Wilson's Potential

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September 17, 2013 at 7:08 pm

It took me a couple games to put a finger on it, but Wilson plays like a JR/SR Brandon Saine.  He was basically the same recruit as Saine, but it looks like Wilson will actually pan out.  This of course means explosively fast touchdown runs, 40-yard catches out of the backfield that make linebackers through temper tantrums, and some punt return TDs.  The main comparison I am alluding to here is that Wilson, like Saine, will be a very skilled pass catching back who also has very high top end speed and acceleration.  I know that physically they are two different players.
Here is Brandon Saine's highlights from the peak of his OSU career:

They have a similar route running and pass catching abilities, plus similar top end speed, don't they?  I find it amazing that Dontre is doing as a Frosh what Brandon was doing as a Senior.  That leaves me very, VERY hopeful for this kid's future.  We're talking 10x the statistical output of Brandon Saine and *fingers crossed* a Heisman?!
Look, this obviously depends on a few factors.  If Dontre doesn't hit the weights hard, then it's game over and he is Saine all over again.  Right now his stature is way too fragile to touch the ball more than 10 times a game and not get hurt.  He would certainly get a lot of stingers.  But we obviously have a great strength and conditioning program, so I feel like he will be up 15 pounds by fall of 2014.
Another factor is whether or not Rod Smith goes beast mode or not.  Once Hyde and Hall are gone, the RB position is open for the taking with a bunch of freakishly talented 4 and 5* recruits fighting for it.  Obviously the inside track goes to Smith, with Wilson right next to him if he gains the weight.  I personally am pulling for Wilson to put on the necessary weight and win the starting job in 2014, with Rod Smith being a reliable, well, Rod Smith lol.  A 4-year backup, but a highly touted one!
Speed kills, and when that kid touches the ball he looks like he's cheating with how fast he runs.  There was a play against Cal where Wilson was turning the corner and would have been gone for a 70 yard TD in about 0.3 seconds but a Cal player was forced to horse collar-facemask-felony assault Wilson to stop him. 
We should all hope that he gets the nod next year because he will be a good one.  Next year, if all goes as planned, I could easily see him accounting for 1,250 rush yards, 850 receiving yards, 400 punt return yards with 2 TDs and 28 total touchdowns.  Well, those stats might come in 2015 because those are Heisman level, but who knows?  The kid could be a very fast learner.  He's fast at everything else.  He will show us what Brandon Saine was supposed to be in terms of panning out as a fast HB recruit.  I haven't seen flashes of brilliance this amazing from a Freshman since Maurice the Beast, and he is a once in a generation type player.  I know that Wilson has much more wiggle to his game, while Saine was more of a very fast bulldozer with minimal wiggle-bility.
I usually don't buy into hype easily or put too much weight on recruit rankings, but this kid has me PUMPED!

Those moves are so slick.  But he needs to weigh 185 pounds and get enough playing time to be a true All American star.

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