Is this the Worst defense in the past 10 years?

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November 30, 2013 at 5:32 pm

I believe yes it is. We need changes to our coaching staff on the D side of the ball.
Did Akron or Connecticut give up this many yards to Michigan>?
How does this look going forward into the Big 10 Championship game in Indy?  Does this give unwanted confidence to MSU?  I believe they will put 9 players in the box and force Braxton to beat them with his arm.
I will make the prediction Big 10 championship stats:
Hyde 76 yards rushing 1 TD
Brax 43 yards rushing 1 INT, 2 TD
We win 21-17
Your thoughts?  I see the Defensive backs looking around confused much of the time, and when a player makes a catch they are looking at each other as if " I thought you had him"....
I think there is alot of confusion and it looks at times like there are 2 different defenses schemes going on a different times, we need much much more pressure on the QB, can't give them time to throw when we are in the
zone coverage just not working, players are not in the correct assignments.  I see some quality plays on the offensive side of the football but remember it is defense that win Championships.  I will relish in the WIN over the next 364 days!  :-)
Correct me if I am wrong, but in the begining of the season Game 1 through Game 2, everyone in the BIG 10 said that MSU has a great defense but the offense is HORRIBLE.  I remember everyone saying that through the first 3 or 4 weeks of the season.  I saw the same, no rushing offense, poor line for pass blocking, and nothing was working offensively for Sparty....What has changed they have emerged as a B offense, rather than the F they started out as.  They have progressed worked hard , corrected things, and have become a very well balanced offense. leaps and bounds from where they were at the begriming of the season.  Ask yourself WHY?
Answer: GREAT COACHING!!!  They made changes, developed to their strengths and progressed in their weaknesses.
Our defense had question marks in the beginning of the year, but have they progressed at all?  They have digressed if anything; they look more uncomfortable tackling, playing defense than I have ever seen them, and that includes week 1 of this season...
Great coaches .....COACH!
Go Bucks!!!!

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