Game Swap Wish, Genie Grants it, Aladdin style scheduling

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July 9, 2013 at 6:26 am

So I have been thinking about our upcoming schedule.  The more I think, the more disappointed I become with the perceived lack of schedule strength. However, I did have a fun thought.  Suppose we had a magic lamp that housed a genie who was willing to swap the Buffalo game for a night game in The Shoe against any team in the nation.  Who would you pick, and why?
I suppose I should answer my own question just in case I'm the one who gets to make the wish.  The team would be tough.  It would definitely be Pac-12 or SEC, but I don't know if even a magical entity could get an SEC team to play a game up north.  Supposing it could, my top five teams would have to be an Oregon rematch of the 2009 Rose Bowl, Stanford, Texas A&M, Florida (REVENGE), and Georgia.  Alabama will have to wait their turn until January, because we all know that MNC game rematches suck.  
Oregon would be cool just because it would be a rematch of the Rose Bowl, despite the players and coaches on both sides being completely different.  I still think that would be a good game any year.
Stanford would be a great matchup.  Two very athletic teams; however, one runs a pro style one-back offense, while the other runs an up tempo spread attack which utilizes the read option extensively.  Their running game would pose a threat against our new front 6 of 7, but our secondary would lock down that passing attack.  Their defense will put up a fight but in the end won't be able to keep up, and I think the Buckeyes would take it by the score of 31-24.
Texas AM would most obviously be the incumbent Heisman winner against his primary contender for the trophy's 2013 edition.  Miller vs Manziel.  X Brax vs Johnny Heisman.  The atmosphere of a big night game at the shoe vs. a tried and true offensive line and quarterback.  This one would be a good one gentlemen.  I feel like the Aggies got lucky in Tuscaloosa last year in the sense that Manziel played the game of a lifetime.  Could he do it twice?  Maybe. But Braxton would match him stat for stat.  Eventually, I think The Shoe would eat the Aggies and spit them out.  This isn't Alabama, it's goddamn Ohio Stadium! Plus, I think that our offense is more complete.  OSU, 41-28.
Florida has an awful offense and can really suck on D, or at least be exposed, a la Louisville in the Sugar Bowl.  We know that our QB is better than Louisville's, and our coach would have a special reason to stick it to the Gators.  Plus, nothing is sweeter in sports than revenge.  Ohio State 38, Florida 17.
Now on to Georgia.  Now this would be a heavyweight fight for the ages.  Georgia was a play or two away from demolishing Notre Dame for the MNC in place of Alabama, and they return a good portion of that hypothetical Irish-thumping team.  Richt and Meyer have met before and although Urban usually demolished UGA, Richt never had the talent that he has now.  I'm not as certain about this one.  Home field advantage would be huge, but Georgia is one of the best teams in the SEC.  I will be optimistic and say Ohio State wins 21-20.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Obviously your responses can be much shorter than what I just wrote.  I'm just curious who you guys would want to see under the lights in a big out of conference game.

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