Should OSU Reveiw Iowa Tape?

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November 22, 2010 at 9:32 am

The greatest week of the year has arrived. While many current Buckeyes (players and students) were fairly young when Michigan last dominated Ohio State, it’s important for everyone to remember – this is the most important game of the year. Jim Tressel does his part each year to let the team know how important this game (and this entire week) is.

However, I found one move by coach curious. Let’s be clear – I don’t question Tressel’s tactics, he’s been one of the most successful coaches in Big Ten history during his tenure. But after the Iowa win, he said that the team would not be reviewing this tape, but instead moving straight to Michigan.

It was Tressel’s dedication to beating Michigan that made fans fall in love with him in the first place, as he “called his shot” at an OSU basketball game before he ever coached a game for the Buckeyes. Almost a year later, he delivered, and found his place in OSU lore. But in this instance, I think reviewing the tape would be pretty helpful.

Several costly penalties, bad turnovers, dropped balls, and execution errors all took place in Saturday’s game. While the team needs to focus on beating that team up north, it also might be worth reviewing the tape to try to ensure that these correctable errors don’t happen again.

Regardless, here’s to hoping for another Michigan win, and another Big Ten Title.

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