Kenny G!

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October 6, 2011 at 3:51 pm
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Anyone know whats going on with Kenny Guiton?! I thought he looked good in spring ball last year but I havent really heard his name mentioned when people talk about our QB situation. I know there are MANY other problems with this team right now but he could be a spark for the offense. Benching BM is probably a bad idea right now because id like Braxton to have an ounce of confidence when this season is over. But lets say he gets injured which is more than likely for anyone who is our starting quarterback right now let alone someone with a history like Braxtons. I would like to see Kenny Guiton or Taylor Graham get a shot at the job, unless if they're really that bad that the pitcher is a better QB. So has anyone heard anything about our two other quarterbacks and why they arent being discussed at all? There must be a reason be it either they're injured and we dont know it or they have academic problems or if they just dont have the talent.

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