Unwritten Rule?

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September 17, 2010 at 9:12 am

Or maybe it is written somewhere, because it sure as hell should be. The rule I would like to bring up (though in mo way related to the overall content of this webpage) is the wearing of uniforms/team gear to sporting events.

The reason I bring this up is because I was at the Browns @ Bucs game this past Sunday and saw a lot of gear that stuck out. Highlights below:

- A Browns fan wearing a Browns Kellen Winslow Jersey (a current member of the Bucs. Proposed Rule: Never wear a jersey supporting your team if the jersey is for a player curretnyl on the other team.

- A Browns fan wearing a Braylon Edwards Jersey. Braylon had one good season and was mostly a huge disappointment. Porposed Rule (as mentioned above): Never wear the jersey of a former member of you team who left your under unfavorable conditions and left nothing positive to be remembered (such as division/conference champs or SB trip).

- A Browns fan wearing a Bernie Kosar Jersey. Perectly acceptable!. Proposed Rule: Jerseys may be worn for former team legends.

- Browns (and Bucs fans) wearing made-for-them Jerseys with a number of there choosing and either "Browns" or Buccaneers" on the back. Proposed Rule: Only wear Jerseys for an actual player.

That pretty much covers it for Jerseys, here are a few other highlights:

- Wearing a #80 Largent Seahawks jersey to a Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay Game. Also saw shirts for the Steelers, Colts, Saints, Rams and Cowboys. Proposed Rule: Only wear team gear to a game for TEAMS THAT ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING IN THAT GAME!

- Wearing a collar shirt of buttong up shirt, while being a fan of one of the teams playing. Proposed Rule: If you attend a game and are a fan of a team playing, REPRESENT!

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