Conspiracy Theory: It's All About the Benjamins

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September 14, 2010 at 11:15 am

Travis Benjamin that is! Or at least that is what two different Miami fans I work with would have you believe. For about 10 mintues, 5 apiece from these two individuals (who do not know one another), I had to endure the rantings and logic of a few deranged Miami fans that genuinly believe that the only reason Ohio State won the game was because Miami WR Travis Benjamin was paid off.

Now, my first thought after hearing this nonsense is to the difference between the fans of these two programs. As a Buckeye fan, I have blamed coaching (who hasn't pointed a finger at Tressel in the past?), individual players or entire units... but never has the thoguht come into my mind that a player or multiple players are being bought off to tank it. And here are two "U" fans that automatically assume a guys been paid off because of one poor performance.

They don't think he had a bad game. They don't blame the fact that there team, like so many of the "dominant" teams from the south, recruit nothing but speed and physical ability and completely disregard character and smarts and maybe the kid just didn't have a clue what the play call was. No blame was given to the Canes QB for constantly throwing the ball into good coverage or at a guy whos back is turned and already blocking people downfield. And, of course, in no way what-so-ever was there any credit given to the Buckeye defenders for there efforts in defending passes, timing hits and constantly being around the ball.

But, after hearing these two reasonably intelligent guys try and persuade me, I have to say I might be convinced. Below is a list of suspects I have compiled:

Jim Tressel: Overwhelmed with the thought of losing another big September matchup, Tressel met with Benjamin and talked him into pretending that pass plays were run plays and to bobble balls balls into our DBs hands.

Chimdi Chekwa: Perhaps the pressure of living up to the great Ohio State DBs of the past became to great, that Chekwa decided being a lock-down wasn't enough, and figured he would completely tip the scales in his favor.

Former Miami Players now in the NFL: Having taken Miami to prominance and having there names next to the word "Swagger" in the dictionary, these individuals wanted to further preserve there history by insuring current Miami teams fail. That way, in 20 more years, somebody will make another movie about there incredible AWESOMENESS!

Canes Fans: Knowing that a loss was inevitable, Canes fans raised all there money and gave all $23 to Benjamin in hopes he would play so bad they would have something other than the fact that we are a better team to blame the game on.

If you have any information that could lead to the apprehension of the persons involved with the passing of money to Travis Benjamin, please alert the authorities. Crimes like this should not go unpunished!

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