Is it safe to say we have an explosive offense?

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October 7, 2012 at 2:00 am

After checking some articles, I discovered that both the 2005 & 2006 Florida Gator teams never scored more than 49 points, other than a 62-0 victory over Western Carolina when the Gators were ranked #3. So seeing as how Urbans first year as head coach has already produced a 56 point game & this most recent 63 point game over Nebraska, I think we may be on track to become an even more explosive offense than Urban's Florida Gator teams. Keith Marshall & Todd Gurley are both Freshman putting up big numbers for Georgia, how much better will this Buckeyes offense be next year if Ezekiel Elliott, Jalin Marshall, or any other unforeseen future commit produce at the same level for us? I'm very excited, to think that we don't even have the spread option down yet is just scary. 
ON A SIDE NOTE: 63 points. That's awesome, there were about 3 times I was hoping we would go for 2, even if it made no sense to do so. Even in the end, right before we got that last TD, I was alittle mad that we didn't appear to be passing it, but I was pleased with the rushing TD. Here's hoping that the Buckeyes run up the score some more, it's nice to see us assert dominance over other teams like that. This offense may just be hitting it's groove after this game, Indiana is in over their heads next Saturday.

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